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GoBop 2

 A program where caregivers and tots grow together! This dynamic class enhances children's motor skills while boosting adults' overall fitness. Join us for a fun, interactive workout that strengthens bonds & bodies.

Coming soon


GoBop 2 is the perfect program for caregivers—including moms, dads, or grandparents—who want to build strength while their toddlers do the same! This dynamic class boosts overall fitness for adults and enhances kids' motor skills.



GoBop 2 creates special moments between caregivers and their toddlers. This interactive class encourages bonding through eye contact, reciprocal play, and shared activities that promote communication and connection. You'll build a stronger relationship while having a blast together!

Coming soon


Coming soon


GoBop 2 rocks with catchy, upbeat original music that gets both caregivers and tots moving. The lively tunes create a fun atmosphere, making it easy for everyone to engage and interact. The music boosts cognitive growth, speech development and emotional well-being, making each class a powerhouse of benefits!

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