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 Discover an adapted musical fitness program for young children with developmental delays. Enhance motor skills, social interactions, and adaptive abilities in a supportive, engaging environment.

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GoThrive fosters self-confidence as children achieve growth milestones, while also deepening the bond with their caregivers. By participating in these fun and adapted exercises, children learn to rely on their own abilities and develop a strong sense of trust in their caregivers, creating a foundation for continued growth and development.



GoThrive encourages children to try new things and improve their abilities in a safe and supportive environment. By participating in fun, musical, adapted exercises, children are motivated to push their boundaries, discover their potential, and achieve milestones, all while enjoying the process.

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Coming soon


 By encouraging exploration and celebrating achievements in a supportive environment, children build self-efficacy, resilience and enhance their abilities. This program fosters a sense of accomplishment and adaptability, allowing children to thrive and reach their full potential.

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