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Good to Do: Encouraging a healthy lifestyle for our children is more than just talking about it

Encouraging a Healthy lifestyle for our children is more than just talking about it, it’s showing it.

We can ask our kids to eat their vegetables, get enough sleep, and be active, but if we aren’t willing to set the example, our efforts may be short lived. It is important to emulate the behaviour you want your children to follow- How many times have you been working out and your little one copies you, using resistance bands in their cute little way. Kids want to be like you, so be your best you, for them….and for you! There is nothing wrong with taking time for yourself, it shows your kids that you are important and that you care about your Health, just like you care about theirs.

We have been given this great gift, which is our bodies and what better way to show our gratitude then to take care of them. That isn’t to say you need to be at the gym all the time and eat salads and green smoothies all the time. I’m just saying it’s important to set an example of a healthy lifestyle, whatever that means to you and your family.

Myself,I love going for walks and hikes, and living in British Columbia, we cannot run out of beautiful places to do just that. But, when I ask my kids to go for a walk, or let them know we are going for a hike, 3 out of my 4 kids complain as if I just asked them to cut off their leg… why is that? I have no idea, they have spent their lives roaming the outdoors.

If I choose to make them go, they are usually happy they did it, and if I choose to go on my own, I am happy I could go on a peaceful, complain free, walk- Of course, I would prefer to have the family time, if everyone was happy to be there. As my kids have gotten older, we can discuss m what they prefer to do that is active, and with 3 teenage boys- they usually want to do soccer, football, or shooting hoops, while my gymnastic daughter likes to do cartwheels and trampoline tricks.

Whatever you and your family chooses to do, being active will help your health and your happiness. Your future generation will thank you too.

Some other ideas to be active:


Ice Skating

Bike rides

Roller Blading




Tree Climbing

Rolling down hills

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