Keri-Ellen Walcer

Keri-Ellen Walcer MHSc. R. Kin, is the founder of MusiGo Inc. Her work in the field of children's fitness began IN 1997. She has created live musical fitness experiences for kids that have been used in daycares, community centers, concert halls and television appearances.

She has also conducted original research under the direction of Dr. Meghann Lloyd, examining the use of music to improve the movement skills of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Keri-Ellen is a professor at Durham College and has also been a guest lecturer at Ontario Tech University.

She is excited to share her expertise in children's fitness with other professionals in childcare, therapeutic and education settings.  

Kathy Cervo

Kathy Cervo has been designing and facilitating music and movement programs for children in beautiful British Columbia since 2007. She started with preschool aged children in Abbotsford then expanded her programs to include older children with developmental disabilities.


She currently works in a neuro rehabilitation clinic where she offers programming side by side with physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists. Incorporating music and movement programming into traditional therapy settings has been an incredible collaboration.


Kathy has been truly inspired by the amazing gains made by the children at the abilities center. Kathy looks forward to sharing her expertise in adaptive programming with other therapists, caregivers and educators who are looking to enhance their movement programming through musical experiences.