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GoBop 1

This fun, musical fitness program helps pre-walking babies hit their milestones while moms regain strength post partum. Join us for an engaging workout that benefits both you and your little one.



GoBop 1 helps moms build strength with gentle exercises that focus on core stability, posture, and overall fitness. Meanwhile, babies get to enjoy activities that boost their sensory development and motor skills. It's a win-win for both of you, making fitness fun and effective!



GoBop 1 creates a loving and nurturing space where moms and babies can bond through fun activities and interactive play. With singing, gentle movements, and sensory exercises, the program encourages lots of eye contact, touch, and communication. This helps to build a strong emotional connection between you and your little one, making each moment together even more special.



GoBop1 rocks with catchy, upbeat original music that gets both caregivers and babies moving. The lively tunes create a fun and joyful atmosphere, making it easy for everyone to engage and interact. The music boosts cognitive growth and emotional well-being for both moms and their little ones, making each class a highlight of the week!

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