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Good to Do: Swing Your Arms

There is something magical about cool breezy weather. There is a feeling of freshness and freedom in the air that lends itself well to creative movement and expression. Help your children to get caught up in the excitement by creating these fun and wistful wrist ribbons, in just a few minutes they’ll be out playing and frolicking in the wind.

You’ll need:

  • Rubber bands or hair elastics (should be big enough to fit loosely around child’s wrist)

  • Coloured ribbon in various colours and lengths

Step 1: Have your child stand with hands extended down at their sides. Measure the length from their wrist to the floor, subtract 2 inches, then double the length. This will be the length of your ribbons

Step 2: Cut 5 ribbon lengths for each elastic in a variety of colours.

Step 3: Take one ribbon length and fold it in half. This will create a loop at the midpoint. Put loop in through the middle of your elastic band then pull the ends of the ribbon through the loop to secure the ribbon to your band. This will create your first two ribbon tails. Repeat this process for the remaining ribbon lengths.

Step 4: Once you have secured your ribbons to your elastic bands it’s play time. Take your children outside and allow them to explore the wind with various arm movements. Pretend the ribbons are paint brushes as you spell words, or make pictures and shapes in the air.

To add a musical dimension check out “Fly My Kite” or “Swing Your Arms Up” by the MusiGo Kids or “Mama Nature” by Kira Willey

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