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Keeping kids active and healthy during COVID-19 quarantine

It's hard to imagine anything that could affect everybody in the whole world simultaneously. We live in different time zones, experience different weather patterns, enjoy diverse cultural traditions, and yet in this moment we are all experiencing uncertainty and limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many children throughout the world have no access to public schools, limited access to parks and trails, and little to no contact with friends and peers. With all of these restrictions it has become a challenge for children to enjoy the benefits of regular physical activity. We are answering this challenge by launching our new MusiGo YouTube channel!

The new channel is completely FREE to access with no ads. It features a growing library of cheerful dance along videos, FUNdamental movement teaching techniques, sing along videos, and health tips all set to educational and original music. Children from preschool onward will learn, move and be inspired by the fun themes and interesting adventures presented. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, therapist or caregiver, we hope you will find these resources useful as you work on the front lines raising this healthy and resilient generation of children. Remember you are your child's most powerful role model, don't be afraid to jump in and exercise along too!

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